Editors South Australia (Editors SA) is the lead organisation for editors and editing in South Australia

Editors South Australia is a professional association that supports practising editors and promotes the highest standards of editing. Editors SA provides regular opportunities for its members to meet one another, develop their editing (and related) skills and keep up to date with new technologies. Professional accreditation is strongly advocated through IPEd (Institute of Professional Editors) as a way of setting an objective benchmark of standards. IPEd’s Editors Directory links editors to potential employers or clients.


Members Helping Members Workshops

These workshops are presented by Editors SA members who generously share an aspect of their experience and skill with fellow members. Following the success of the 2018 Members Helping Members Workshops, we're pleased to announce two new short workshops that are sure to muscle up editors' skills.

Date: Saturday 25 May 2019
  • 10.00am to 12.00 noon - Workshop 1 (online editing)
  • 1.00pm to 2.30pm (approx.) - Workshop 2 (editing and formatting tables)
Venue: Intersect, 167 Flinders Street, Adelaide SA
Cost per workshop: $30 members; $45 non-members; $30 affiliate members; $20 distance members

Bookings close Wednesday 22 May 2019.
Please book separately for each workshop you wish to attend.

Food will not be supplied during the day, although tea and coffee will be available. You are welcome to bring your own lunch.

About the workshops:

Workshop 1
Online editing: an introduction to content management systems
Presented by Mike Lim

If you've tweeted or written a blog post, you've used a content management system (CMS). Different CMSs do different things, but they all enable the creation and modification of online content.

Not sure if this workshop is for you? Consider that editing ‘languages’ change over time. Proofreaders' marks used to be a standard part of the print editing toolkit, when symbols like 'stet' or '#' gave you quick ways to communicate ideas with other publishing staff. Now we mostly use track changes—but an editor of web content needs other tools as well.

Whether you are a beginner 101 or whether you are beginner/intermediate—for example, already working on web pages but staying in the rich text or WYSIWYG view and wanting to use the CMS more fully—this workshop is a good place to become more confident about editing web content in general.

Mike Lim will introduce you to the principles of editing and publishing web content with a CMS, including topics such as basic HTML, using rich text and HTML editing windows, and copying text from MS Word and other sources. He will also discuss basic web writing concepts. Note that this workshop will treat CMS editing as a broad topic rather than being a hands-on tutorial on a specific system.

Mike Lim works with online content at the South Australian Department for Education. He is an accredited editor and has edited academic theses, journals, fiction, and technical and educational material. He's assessed manuscripts and helped to develop departmental style guides. He also creates and teaches photography, using both film and pixels.

Workshop 2
Editing and formatting tables
Presented by Rosemary Purcell

Tables are a great way of communicating complex statistical or numerical information. Done well, they communicate information quickly and concisely; done poorly, they confuse and misinform.

Then there’s the formatting. Remember those tables that extend past the right-hand edge of the page, never to be reined in again; the table cells that break over a page and keep having to be reformatted every time you add or remove text; and the generally unaesthetic, unbalanced look of the final result if you can’t get things just right?

Tables need a no-nonsense hand to make them look respectable. If you think your tables need more of that, this workshop is for you. Rosemary Purcell will provide advice on what to consider when editing and proofreading the content in tables and will teach you formatting techniques to make those handy-yet-tricky boxes picture perfect.

Rosemary Purcell started her freelancing editing business in 2010, following ‘retirement’ from her day job in the public service. Writing and editing briefings, speech notes and Cabinet submissions that built on a previous career in education led her to undertake an online editing course. She was then thrown in the deep end: her first paid editing job was for an English as a second language PhD candidate.

Any enquiries about the workshops, please email edsa.events@iped-editors.org

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